USA American Flag Art Deco Swing (Throw Pillows, All sizes, Pillow Cases too) by Cecely Bloom
Pinks Tricolor Throw Pillow by Cecely Bloom
Art Deco Glamour Star of Show Monogrammed Throw PIllows design by Cecely Bloom
1920s Flapper Girl Driving Yellow Stutz Bearcat Car Throw Pillow by Cecely Bloom
New York City Street Sign West 42 nd Street Deco Swing (Throw PIllows) by Cecely Bloom
Merci Beaucoup in Art Deco Style ( Throw Pillows all sizes available) by Cecely Bloom
Art Deco Monogrammed (robins egg blue and silver pearl Throw Pillows) by Cecely BLoom
Zelda's 1920s Party Shoes (Pillow) by Cecely Bloom
Eiffel Tower Deco Blues ( Throw Pillows cases and inserts, many sizes available, throw pillows and floor pillows) Art by Cecely Bloom
New York City Madison Avenue Street Sign Deco Swing ( Throw PIllows, PIllow cases, inserts and Floor PIllows) art by Cecely Bloom
Art Deco Monogrammed Throw Pillows Designed by Cecely Bloom
Art Deco Monogram Pillow (Star of the Show, initial letter H) by Cecely Bloom
Broadway Street Sign New York City Manhattan Pop Art (Throw Pillow) by Cecely Bloom


Flag of France Tricolor Blue White Red ( Pillows, Throw Pillows, Bed Pillows, Cases and Inserts) Art Deco Style by Cecely Bloom
Aqua Neutral Tricolor Throw PIllow by Cecely Bloom
1920s Diamond Monogram (Floor Pillows and Pillows) (Black and Silver metallic) by Cecely Bloom
Art Deco 1920s 1930s style Monogram (Pillow, Throw Pillow, PIllow Cases and inserts, FLoor Pillows) (Black and silver pearl metallic) by Cecely Bloom
All That Fosse Dance (Throw PIllows and Pillows) by Cecely Boom
Ukulele Blues (Throw Pillows) art by Cecely Bloom
Cecely Bloom Art Deco Icon Portrait (art deco throw pillows)
Art Deco Monogrammed Throw Pillow (robins egg blue and silver) by Cecely Bloom
Pink Champagne Art Deco (Throw PIllows, PIllows, Floor Pillows, inserts and pillow cases) by Cecely Bloom
Th2 1020 Cocktail Illustration Pop Deco ( Floor Pillow) by Cecely Bloom
Electric Guitar Pop Art Deco Swing (throw pillows) by Cecely Bloom
Midnight Moonlit Sail Throw Pillow by Cecely Bloom
Art Deco Futuristic Flower Garden (Pillows, Throw Pillows, Inserts, Floor Pillows all sizes available) by Cecely Bloom
Manhattan NYC Deco Swings Pillow Case and Pillows By Cecely Bloom
Gin Rickey Cocktail Illustration Throw PIllows by Cecely Bloom
Union Jack Flag Art Deco Swing (Throw Pillows all sizes) Design by Cecely Bloom
I Love Love Love You art deco style quote (Throw Pillow) by Cecely Bloom
Pink Champage Deco Monogram (Throw Pilow) by Cecely Bloom
Pimms Cup Cocktail Deco Swing (Throw PIllows, FLoor pillows and Bed Pillows) art by Cecely Bloom
Swinging on the Moon (pillows) by Cecely Bloom
Pink Ribbon Rose Blooming Art Deco Flower Throw Pillows by Cecely Bloom
Manhttan NYC Skyline Pop Art Deco Swing (throw pillow) by Cecely Bloom
Red Poppy Flowers (Throw Pillow) art by Cecely Bloom
Pink Art Deco Bloom 7 (pink silver throw pillows) by Cecely Bloom
Piano Keyboard Art Deco Swing ( Throw Pillows and Floor Pillows) at by artist Cecely Bloom.
Cafe Deco Monogrammed throw pillows. Design by Cecely Bloom
Art Deco Monogrammed Throw Pillow (black and silver ) letter initial B shown here Design by Cecely Bloom
Eggnog Cheer Cup (Throw Pillow) by Cecely Bloom
1920s Summer Beach (Throw Pillows) by Cecely Bloom
Plum Mint Art Deco Blooming Flower original art by Cecely Bloom ( throw pillows all sizes available)
Italian Flag Art Deco Swing Bandiera d'Italia (Throw Pillows all sizes available, Pillow cases too) by Cecely Bloom
METROPOLITAN PARK CIRCLE MONOGRAM (Throw Pillows, Pillow Case as well as inserts) By Cecely Bloom
Art Deco Blooming Metallic Flower in mint aqua (pillows) by Cecely Bloom
Cafe Art Deco Bold monogram GIANT FLOOR PILLOW (letter initial K shown here)
Red Rose Art Deco Pillow by Cecely Bloom
Art deco Flower Blooming (throw pillow, black and silver metallic) by Cecely Bloom
A Mimosa Cocktail pop art deco swing by artist Cecely Bloom. (Long Pillows, Cases and inserts)