Deco Dog Leap ( Laptop Sleeve) by Cecely Bloom
Trombone Musical Instrument Art Lap Top Case Cover by Cecely Bloom
Spring Flowers Art Deco (aqua mint monochromatic) Ipad case, snap, cover, tablet. By Cecely Bloom
Monogrammed (iPad Case Cover) 1920s Art Deco Cafe design by Cecely Bloom
Cecely Bloom Logo (iPad)
Art Deco Robins egg blue LAP TOP SLEEVE with zipper by Cecely Bloom
Art Deco 1920s 1930s Style Star of the Show Monogrammed iPad Case Cover (Silver Pearl and Black metallic) by Cecely Bloom
Madison Avenue Pop Art New York City Manhattan Street Sign (lap top cover case) by Cecely Bloom
Pink Pearl Cocktail Pop Art Deco (Laptop Sleeve) by Cecely Bloom
President John F Kennedy Pop Art Deco Portrait (iPhone Case Cover) by Cecely Bloom.
Deco Cat Mint (iPad Case Cover) Cecely Bloom
Metropolitan Park Deco Monogram (ipad retina snap case) by Cecely Bloom
Art Deco Diamond Monogram Mac Air Laptop Cover (1920s Diamod Mongram Style) (Black and metallic Silver) by Cecely Bloom
Monogrammed Battery Charger Art Deco Cafe font design art by Cecely Bloom
Cafe Art Deco monogrammed Laptop case cover skin (letter initial K shown here)
Merci Beaucoup in Blue Mint (iPad Case Cover) by Cecely Bloom
Art Deco Flower Blooming 7 (Pink and Silver, ipad cases covers) by Cecely Bloom
United States of America Flag art deco style (iPad Sleeve Protector) by Cecely Bloom
Mimosa Cocktail Pop Art Deco (iPad Case Cover) by Cecely Bloom
1920s Style Monogrammed Portable Battery Charger design by Cecely Bloom
Pink Champagne Gatsby Style Monogrammed iPad Case Skin
Ciao Bella! (ipad case cover) by Cecely Bloom
Monogram Black Diamond Jazz Age Style (Lap Top Sleeve)Black and metallic sliver letter E shown here. By Cecely Bloom
Art Deco Monogrammed Phone Case Wallet by Cecely Bloom
Zippered Laptop Sleeve Art Deco Monogram Pink Champagne by Cecely Bloom
Sailboat Blue Beach Day (ipad case cover) Art by Cecely Bloom.
Merci Beaucoup Art Deco Style ( Laptop sleeve zippered pouch) by Cecely Bloom
Ukulele Rains Purple (Laptop Sleeve) by Cecely Bloom
Tassel Baubles Blue ( Ipad, Tabet, Case, Cover, ) By Cecely Bloom
Shades of Pink Tricolor LAPTOP SLEEVE by Cecely Bloom